Rebozo Class curriculum

    1. Welcome to Level A and B Rebozo Workshop...

    2. Level A Workshop from July 2022 (Extra bonus material)Part A Video

    3. Level A Workshop from July 2022 with bonus material - Part B video

    4. Level A Workshop from July 2022 with bonus - Part C - History Rebozo section

    5. Simply Rebozo Level A

    6. Level A and B Workbook PDF

    1. Welcome to Level B recordings

    2. Rebozo Level B - Part A different recording -

    3. 2_FinalEdition_Royal Rebozoway_Final2© Level Two for Doulas Finalpart

    4. Rebozo Level B - Part B (This maybe easier to see some of the techniques - start slide 15)

    5. Rebozo Birth ball - and level B - focusing on birth ball only in this video

    1. Extra Content information for Rebozo Level A

    2. Rebozo Level A from March 2022 (just extra video)

    1. Bone Closing Rebozo Ceremonies, etc. Postpartum rebozo - Part C

    2. Rebozo Bone Closing from a doula course that I teach...All rights reserved Copyright 2022

    3. More Video links for bone closing rebozo ceremony....

About this course

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  • 4.5 hours of video content

Mama - get pain relief by learning about rebozo for labor and doulas can teach techniques to mamas...

Doulas may apply for CEU's depending on their organization - CEU's are an extra fee